This is Freedom Series by Katherine Barralaga

This is Freedom: Rayna's Story





"This is Freedom" is an upcoming children's book series that will share the journey to liberation of animals that are held in various types of captivity. In releasing this series Katherine Barralaga hopes to spread awareness to generations to come as well as empower the youth to be the change they wish to see the world. Lastly, Katherine ultimately aims to give a voice to the voiceless.

Meet The Team

Katherine Barralaga


Katherine Barralaga is a Florida-based children's book author, educator, entrepreneur, and animal -rights activist.

Katherine graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2016. She is currently an educator for children with a variety of disabilities. 

Aside from teaching, some of Katherine's other certifications include yoga instruction, meditation, and pranic healing.

The spark for Katherine's activism and book-writing was ignited by her passion for both equality and spreading awareness. She is the author of the upcoming series entitled "This is Freedom".

Her other interests include health, fitness, travel, and personal growth.

Cesar Rico Encarnacion


Cesar Rico Encarnacion is an illustrator, entrepreneur, and wildlife enthusiast. Known to some peers as the "animal encyclopedia", his passion to investigate both habitats and behaviors of all species formulated his love for art. Aside from Cesar's freelance illustrations, he is also a Florida-based contractor for decorative concrete and epoxy flooring.He is an aspiring wildlife photographer and vlogger. Other passions include dance, percussion, piano, and kayaking through Florida mangroves.

Imane Bahni Stevens

Graphic design Illustrator

Imane Bahni Stevens is a multi-talented illustrator and artist as well as an interior and graphic designer. She is currently a Morocco-based 

entrepreneur who does freelance work both locally and internationally. 

She graduated from the Higher school of Fine Arts of Casablanca with a specialization in interior design in 2016. Some of her international projects include locations such as Italy, United Kingdom, and several states of the USA such as Florida  and South Carolina. Her passion for art and design was birthed by her love for helping others artistically bring their ideas to life. Aside from Imane being creatively driven, she finds most inspiration and solace through nature and gardening where she observes textures, colors, 

and the harmonic beauty of both plant and wildlife.

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