The Author

Katherine Barralaga

Katherine Barralaga is the author of the upcoming children’s book series titled “This is freedom” that shares the journey to liberation of various animals in captivity.
She was inspired to write this series after discovering for herself the kind of lives that animals live in captivity. As a little girl, she always loved visiting circuses, zoos, marine parks, etc. anywhere she got the chance to see wild animals up close and personal. She especially loved visiting the circus as elephants are her favorite animal.
It wasn’t until a visit to the Ringling brothers circus at the age of 19 that left her questioning the way animals are treated in the circus. She began to do research and what she found was heart breaking for her. She had no idea about the abuse these animals had to endure. This event led her to her passion for animal rights. She began joining protests outside of circuses and marine parks, She started petitions, and in 2016 she had the idea of Rayna's Story (The first book in the series) a children's book about a circus elephant and her journey to freedom. The book was published in August 2019.

 Her mission for writing this series is to educate children about the welfare of animals in captivity and to inspire them to be the change they wish to see in the world. 

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